IEEE DySPAN Banquet 18:30 - 21:00

Dynamic Spectrum Access
Technology and Policy Perspectives


Honorable Michael Gallagher
Assistant Secretary of Commerce
Director of National Telecommunications and Information Administration

Dr. Anthony Tether
Director of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

IEEE DySPAN 2005 is pleased to announce Secretary Michael Gallagher and Dr. Tony Tether as the evening speakers for the conference banquet held from 19:00 – 21:00 pm on Wednesday, 9 November 2005. These two dynamic speakers are the leaders within the Bush Administration for providing technology and policy visions for new technology. As the Director of NTIA, Secretary Gallagher has the focus on bringing the benefits of new and exciting telecommunications technologies to consumers. As the Director of DARPA, Dr. Tether has the focus on developing breakthrough technologies with the role of the venture capitalist of the US DoD.

Both agencies have direct involvement with dynamic spectrum access (DSA). DARPA is developing the enabling technologies such as software defined and cognitive radios as well new systems concepts within the XG program. NTIA is the lead organization to implement the US President’s new radio spectrum policy for better spectrum management in the 21st century. Preston Marshall and Paul Kolodzy will moderate the session.

Please join us in an evening that will include new technology visions for wireless communications and the policy benefits and challenges associated with those technologies.

The IEEE DySPAN 2005 Banquet is included with registration for the symposium. Tickets for the Banquet Only are also available.